How we do it

Our customers are our highest priority. We create unique projects tailored to your hotel. FHC Hospitality Furniture was founded in 1956 and it is a leading multinational company in the hospitality furniture industry. We meet the needs of each client, in order to provide the best solution for each project. We do large-scale manufacturing and service orders. FHC operates with customers in more than 16 countries around the world, promoting resources that make it possible to improve, day after day, the efficiency and productivity of the brand and all services.

Why are we different?

We make your hotel and the common areas exclusive. We are by your side at product selection, delivery and assembly. Together we create successful businesses. We distinguish ourselves by producing different categories of furniture: solid, lacquered, natural veneers, models, metals, melamines, among others. We are represented by a specialized team of senior consultants who strongly invest in quality, design and the most advanced technology, giving rise to competitive and innovative products and services in the market. We are also by your side in production and quality control. We are different because for each type of product we have an efficient and specialized production according to the product in question, which makes us very competitive worldwide.


Our mission is what defines us.

  • Offering our customers excellent work from the first contact to the final product, as well as a wide range of top manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Ensure customized furniture tailored to your hotel.
  • Reinforce the importance of the Quality Management System, which allows each service to be more efficient and less wasteful.
  • Respect the commitments assumed with customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure the best price/quality ratio for our products.
Vision and Values

Grow in a sustained manner without compromising the principle of total quality, the viability of the company and its social and environmental development.

Ethics and Trust › We are committed to create economic value based on ethical and trusting relationships.

Ambition › We are driven by ambition. This is what moves us and keeps us constructively dissatisfied, preventing us from getting stuck in the successes of the past.

Innovation › Innovation is at the heart of our business.

Social responsibility › We have an active sense of social responsibility and we try to contribute to the improvement of our society.