Global Challenge

At FHC Hospitality Furniture, we understand innovation as a global challenge that affects all dimensions of the product. We are concerned with offering a varied and balanced range that can fit any type of project, from the most classic to the most avant-garde. In this sense, our philosophy within the scope of the innovation model is based on two essential axes: proximity to the market and following global trends that affect the furniture sector. The ability to innovate is one of the most important, competitive and differentiating aspects in an increasingly demanding market. Our ability to adapt and our willingness to offer solutions that can meet our customers’ expectations make this premise our bet for the future: to innovate as a way to generate value.


To promote high precision and quality in production, we use state-of-the-art equipment, such as CNC machines (computer numerical control) and painting robots. Raw materials are accompanied by quality certificates and include a PEFC and FSC selection guarantee.

FHC is constantly concerned with improving and ensuring that all its procedures, processes and products work in accordance with the highest requirements, as well as with the laws in force and international standards, in order to ensure compliance with them in all countries where we are represented.